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What we love about Tanzania: 


Chances are that you have dreamt of Africa, and when you did, you probably dreamt about the

Serengeti. Countless wildlife movies have been recorded in the Serengeti, and with good

reason: this is the home of the Great Migration and may very well be one of the last true

natural wonders on planet earth.

Serengeti National Park is a World Heritage Site teeming with wildlife: over 2 million ungulates,

4000 lions, 1000 leopard, 550 cheetahs and some 500 bird species inhabit an area close to

15,000 square kilometers in size.


Join us on a safari and explore the endless Serengeti plains

dotted with trees and kopjes from which majestic lions control their kingdom; gaze upon the

Great Migration in awe or find an elusive leopard in a riverine forest. Or perhaps see everything

from a bird’s-eye view and soar over the plains at sunrise during a hot air balloon safari.

Accommodation options come in every price range - the sound of lions roaring at night is


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Ngorongoro Crater is a massive volcanic caldera located in Tanzania.  It is part of the

Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) which is also a distinguished UNESCO World Heritage


Ngorongoro Crater is a scenic wildlife bowl.  The scenic overlook provides a breath taking view

of the crater floor.  However, it is the wildlife encounters on the crater floor that make

Ngorongoro Crater a true wonder.  There are around 25,000 large mammals including elephant,

rhino, lion, leopard (usually on crater rim) buffalo and hippo accounting for six of the Big Seven.

 The majority of the 25,000 large mammals are ungulates with the highlight being the

elephants.  These elephants have large tusks and are part of the “Big Tuskers” of Africa.

The caldera is often considered an enclosed area that prevents animals from leaving, however

this is not the case.  Wildebeests and zebra migrate through the crater annually with only small

populations remaining year round.  The buffaloes migrate into the crater during the rainy



Other notable wildlife include:

The lion is the king of beast and a favorite of travelers.  Ngorongoro Crater has one of the

densest populations of lions making a sighting probable.  One of the greatest concerns for

Ngorongoro Crater is the delcine in the lion population.

In Ngorongoro Crater the animals are one with visitors allowing for close encounters.  The

statistical significance combined with the intimate encounters with wildlife truly make

Ngorongoro a “natural wonder.”



At 5,895 meters (19,341 feet) Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the

tallest freestanding mountain in the world; it is one of the Seven Summits. The snow-capped

peak of Africa is a dormant volcano and can be found inside the Kilimanjaro National Park of


Who Can Climb Kilimanjaro? Anyone from children over the age of 10 to older generations in

their 60s and 70s! All you need is determination and the will to get to the summit. The real

challenge with climbing Kilimanjaro is the altitude and the rate of ascent. Our partners in

Tanzania will be with you every step of the way! Their guides are highly skilled professionals

and are a key component to your success.

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